David Naccache
Pascal Paillier
  • David Naccache, TBA.

    David Naccache is a professor at the University of Paris II and a member of the Ecole normale supérieure's Computer science department. He has published over 150 articles in cryptography and information security and is the inventor or co-inventor of 140 patent families.

    His main research areas are fast implementations, embedded security (smart cards), the detection of security loopholes and public-key cryptography. He is a forensic expert by the Court of Appeal of Paris and by the International Criminal Court (The Hague).

    David currently serves in the editorial boards of 4 security journals and is a past director of the IACR.

  • Pascal Paillier, Homomorphic encryption for deep learning: a revolution in the making.
    ABSTRACT: Since the discovery of homomorphic encryption almost a decade ago, constructions and techniques have evolved at a tremendous pace. Several branches of the field now co-exist that support parallel or sequential, scale-invariant or circuit-specific, multi-key or single-key, floating point or integer, symmetric or asymmetric homomorphic computations. This talk considers applications of homomorphic encryption specifically tailored to address the exciting field of deep learning, with an emphasis on homomorphic inference, where unencrypted cognitive models are running in the cloud but their evaluation is performed over encrypted data. I will describe the different approaches that exist today and how they can be improved to boost performance by several orders of magnitude, thereby propelling deep learning into a revolutionary new era of privacy-preserving cognition.
    Pascal Paillier received his PhD in 1999. He is a public-key cryptography expert and has more than 24 years of industrial experience in IT security, with a specific interest for designing and developing cryptosystems and side channel/fault-resistant cryptographic software for embedded architectures such as smart cards. His favourite research works include the design of public-key primitives - especially homomorphic encryption, security proofs and the design of customised crypto primitives with specific properties. Until 2009, Pascal was heading the Cryptography & Innovation expert group at Gemalto, the worldwide leader in smart card technologies. Co-founder of CryptoExperts, Pascal has published research papers that are among the most cited in the world - he also filed numerous patents, most of which being commonly implemented in the smart card industry. Pascal is also an active member of ISO SC27 WG2, the expert group that defines ISO/IEC cryptography standards. He is the main editor of the upcoming standard on homomorphic encryption ISO/IEC 18033-6 and co-editor of ISO/IEC 27551 "Requirements for attribute-based unlinkable entity authentication”.